CT Scan

First-rate Diagnosis for a Variety of Conditions

A CT scan (computed tomography) combines a series of cross-sectional X-rays that allows your doctor to visualize your internal organs, blood vessels, bones and soft tissue. CT scans enable doctors to diagnose disease or injury and create an effective treatment plan.

If you have been in an accident or have experienced trauma, a CT scan can be used to determine the extent of bone and internal injuries. A CT scan might also be used to detect or monitor benign and malignant diseases, including heart disease.

How Does It Work?

You will lie on a comfortable table that will move in and out of the scanner. A contrast medium, or "dye," may be intravenously injected into your bloodstream to help highlight the areas being examined. During the scan, the x-ray beam is focused on a specific part of your body. It rapidly moves around the area, taking multiple pictures that create a cross-sectional image.

How Do I Prepare for a CT Scan?

You will receive specific instructions when you schedule the test.

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Appointments can be made:
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