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Sleep Laboratory

Diagnosis and Treatment of Various Sleep Problems

Gottlieb’s Sleep Laboratory provides a comprehensive approach to diagnosing and treating adult and pediatric sleep problems, including snoring, sleep apnea (shallow or irregular breathing during sleep) and narcolepsy (excessive daytime sleepiness). The multidisciplinary team of sleep specialists includes neurologists, pulmonologists, otolaryngologists and oral/maxillofacial surgeons. Sleep studies, called polysomnography, are sometimes needed for evaluation of problems such as sleep-related epilepsy, periodic limb movement disorders and parasomnia, which includes bedwetting, sleepwalking and nightmares.

Patients are evaluated in comfortable, homelike private bedrooms that are equipped with electronic devices for monitoring the patient’s physiological processes and an infrared, closed circuit TV monitor to observe the patient’s sleep. Registered sleep technologists perform the study. A written and graphical report with findings and recommendations for treatment is prepared by the board-certified sleep specialist and forwarded to the referring physician.

Patients with snoring problems and sleep apnea are assessed, and treatment options are given to the patient and the referring physician. Multiple sleep latency tests also may be performed during the day to confirm the presence of daytime sleepiness and to diagnose narcolepsy if they are ordered by the sleep physician.

Helping Patients Overcome Sleep Disorders

Treatments include:

  • Continuous positive airway pressure device (CPAP)
  • Corrective laser procedure
  • Laser-assisted uvulopalatoplasty or LAUP,* a highly specialized procedure to help stop snoring and obstructive sleep apnea
  • Surgery


Patient suites and the Sleep Laboratory are conveniently located in the Diagnostic Center, on Gottlieb Memorial Hospital’s main floor. Certain procedures, such as LAUP, are performed on the Maywood campus.

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For an appointment or to learn more about the Sleep Laboratory, please call 708-538-4917. A physician referral is required to schedule an appointment.