Spiritual Care (Chaplain Services)

“Loyola promises patients that we go beyond the illness to treat the whole person. We also treat the human spirit.®”

Knowing that care of the human spirit is important in the healing process, our chaplains offer spiritual and emotional support and are available to all patients, families and staff from different faiths.

In addition to offering spiritual care, the chaplains perform religious services and can arrange in-hospital visits by area religious clergy for patients.

There is also a chapel for prayers and meditation for people of all faiths. The chapel is located on the first floor of the hospital by the main lobby and is always open.

We encourage patients and families in the hospital to call us...

  • When you need to talk.
  • When you feel lonely.
  • When you are scared or worried.
  • When you want someone to pray with.
  • When you fear you are losing your faith.
  • When you feel grateful or blessed.
  • When you desire the sacraments.
  • When you think about giving up.
  • When you are sad or angry.
  • When you feel confused or guilty.

To reach a chaplain, dial extension 84998 from any hospital phone or call 708-538-4998 and leave a message.

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